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Help keep quizmeBC up and running - sponsor our efforts! We have recently moved quizmeBC to a new server to accommodate our needs. Brett and Tams are footing the bill, but as we're both students like yourselves, we could always use a helping hand.

Now that university is out, we're both working summer jobs to help keep on top of things. Funding would help cover quizmeBC's operating costs, as well as some of the time and resources that we invest in it.

To contribute, please contact us at We will be in touch with you to discuss details as soon as possible.

If you prefer, you can use PayPal to make a donation:

Why not use free hosting? Many sites, like Yahoo's GeoCities, offer free web hosting. Most of these free hosting solutions are not suitable for quizmeBC. Firstly, the amount of traffic that quizmeBC gets would quickly exceed the allotment, leaving the site unavailable for the rest of the month.

More importantly, quizmeBC would not work. Our quiz engines rely heavily on server-side applications that are not supported by free hosting companies. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the reliability of free hosting.

Lastly, though it is a minor issue, we would prefer to keep quizmeBC ad-free.

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