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Frequently asked questions and frequently given answers:

Why are there no long answer questions?
Much of quizmeBC's appeal lies in its instant feedback. With long-answer questions, answers can't be marked right or wrong. Providing the list of possible answers is one solution, but that is no different than doing the practice exams on your own. Find the practice exams here.

Why aren't there other subjects on quizmeBC?
We don't have time to add any more subjects, though recent developments might change that. Keep watching our News page for updates.

Some subjects' multiple-choice questions are not suitable for quizmeBC. For example, many Literature MC questions refer to a lengthy reading, and it is impractical to include the reading for each question that requires it.

Do you profit from quizmeBC?

Why won't my quiz print?
Netscape users have experienced difficulty printing due to Netscape's method of page caching. This problem has recently been fixed. Thanks Brett!

Is the new math curriculum a part of quizmeBC's database?
Not yet. Since the new Principles of Math curriculum was introduced for the 2001/2002 academic year, there are not yet enough available questions. Keep watching our News page for updates.


If you have a concern or question, please look to the left to see if someone has already had it. If you have an error to report, please include (copy and paste) the entire question and answer set in your e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you prefer to contact us individually, you may use the addresses below. If your question is of an explicitly technical nature, you are advised to contact Brett. Tams will answer general questions.

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