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June 2002: We're proud to present a new look for quizmeBC! Tams started work on it earlier this spring, and since university's finished, has had time to complete it.

Not as obvious to the naked eye but just as important is the rewritten quiz engine that's behind all the quizzes here. Kudos to Brett for keeping us quizzing!

Help keep quizmeBC up and running - sponsor our efforts! We have recently moved quizmeBC to a new server to accommodate our needs. Brett and Tams are footing the bill, but as we're both students like yourselves, we could always use a helping hand.

Now that university is out, we're both working summer jobs to help keep on top of things. Funding would help cover quizmeBC's operating costs, as well as some of the time and resources that we invest in it. To contribute, please see the Support page!

April 2002: New URL for quizmeBC! We moved from to,, and Why the change? We failed to receive a domain renewal notice for our old domain (, and it was immediately snatched up by someone else. They proved to be less than sympathetic to our situation, so we set up at the new domains.

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